What We Do




  • Following and listening to new songs


  • Meeting new Artists


  • Developing up-and-coming writers


  • Producing Demos


  • Pairing writers with other writers and producers


  • Finding new uses for existing songs in an Artist's catalogue.




  • Filing copyright forms


  • Filing notices with the Performing Rights Organisations (PRO's)


  • Collecting mechanical royalties from record companies


  • Filing notices with agencies to collect for them


  • Paying writer royalties.


We receive revenue from mechanical, synchronization and licenses and prepare payments to songwriters and sub-publishing.




  • Finding songs needed by producers, managers and A&R reps for their artists


  • Finding new projects that may need new songs


  • Sending demos to producers and artists' managers


  • Keeping record of which producers hold which songs



  • Negotiating contracts with writers, producers, artists and managers


  • Granting licenses


  • Maintaining contacts with foreign sub-publishers


  • Soliciting catalogue for use in film, venues and organisations

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