Youdid is Judith Severloh, a singer-songwriter from Hanover, Germany.

Her brand-new EP “empty my head” is set for release on June 25th 2013 through LTYH Records. The sound, in comparison with the debut album “who i am” (2010), is much more acoustic and developed during an unplugged tour in 2011.


Youdid about this: “It was supposed to sound pure, honest and direct. I think it worked well. We just recorded our three instruments ourselves and I added my vocals on top of that. The songs are a mixture of pop-, jazz- and a tiny bit of rock, and could be classified under the label 'indie'.”


The graduate of the Jazz-Rock-Pop program at the University of Music Hanover started her career as “youdid” in 2004. After the first demo in 2005, the following performances and local band contests led straightaway in 2008 to the top award of the national German Rock and Pop Awards in the category “Best new rock and pop artist”.


Graduation from the University of Music, also in 2008, was celebrated with a big final concert and the recording of a live DVD “youdid – who i am live”. At the same time the recordings for the debut album “who i am” took place, a mixture of pop-, rock- and electronic-music which was released on the specially created label Listen to Your Heart Records.

youdid is flippant, but never superfluous


The evolution from the pop-rock with electronic elements of youdid's debut album to an acoustic sound à la Sara Bareilles is captured on the new EP “empty my head”. youdid accompanies herself on the piano, but her distinctly clear voice always takes center stage. She is lively, bold, powerful, colorful, but sometimes also melancholic and earnest. There are 6 songs with depth and self- reflection to listen to. Flippant but never superfluous.


Youdid describes her music as follows:
“I make pop music that sounds like the adopted child of Sting and Gary Barlow whose real parents are Paul McCartney and Alicia Keys. The only thing I adhere to as a songwriter is: the song must work with just one instrument and the voice.”


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