Vonee Telise


The Lyric Scribbler


An Indiana native who grew up in the Indianapolis area, Vonee’ had a passion for writing poetry at a young age. She used to get excited when she would see the “Get Paid for Poems” and “Turn Your Poems into Songs” ads in the local magazines. 


During this same time she was also busy singing in the church choir where she sang for over 20 years. She would come home and listen to the gospel stations on Sunday afternoons then pretend to be the lead singers of all her favorite songs. Years later after raising her family she picked up her pen and pad again. She began writing poetry in early 2012. Still a big music fan, in September, 2012 she decided to try her hand at converting one of her poems into a song which she did successfully.


In July 2013 she released her first single titled “Between the Two” (Torn). Not everyone’s made to sing lead and that includes me!”  Vonee’ would say.  “I’m leaving this up to the more gifted!” Since then she’s written over 40 songs that consist of R&B, Hip Hop, POP, Rock, EDM, Contemporary Gospel, Country and Neo Soul thus acquiring the nickname “Lyric Scribbler”. 


Although Vonee’ has no desire to become an artist she does have a strong passion and desire to write.  She is fulfilling a dream that she didn’t even know existed. You will definitely hear more from her. Stay tuned!


Without songwriters you don’t have a song. All you have is a beat.


Summer Love - Voneé Telise
My Dreams - Voneé Telise
Goodbye - Voneé Telise
Can You Feel It - Voneé Telise
Between The Two (Torn) - Voneé Telise