Unkle Adams


Curtis Adams AKA “Unkle Adams” was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. At the age of 13 he fell in love with Hip Hop music and soon discovered his natural knack for rhyming syllables.

Starting out as a freestyle emcee, he quickly progressed from performing at parties, to performing in front of large audiences at local clubs and bars.


Today, with 14+ years of experience under his belt, Unkle Adams has established himself as a powerhouse emcee on an international level.


Unkle Adams is NOT just a rapper; he is also a motivational speaker, role model and counter-bully. As far as the musical side of things, Unkle Adams is definitely NOT your “typical” rapper. Listen to just one of his songs and you will soon understand why.


Unkle Adams chooses to write songs containing material that is inspirational, motivational and educational, rather than some rappers who are negative, stereotypical and materialistic. Formerly a heavy equipment operator by trade, Unkle Adams has funded all of his music, recording, advertising, merchandise, equipment and video production independently.


Curtis has been an Uncle since the very second he was born, in fact he has a nephew who is ten days older than him that doubles as his best friend. Naturally growing up, all of his friends called him Uncle. Adams is his last name so the name Unkle Adams virtually formed on its own.


Unkle Adams is trying to change and evolve hip-hop music into its next chapter and requests your support in this process. You can have a hand in changing the negative stereotyping that is often associated with hip-hop music. Please help by spreading the word about Unkle Adams both verbally and through social media.


I Am Stronger - Unkle Adams
The Only Way I Know How - Unkle Adams
On My Way - Unkle Adams
Lonely Soul - Unkle Adams
Enjoy Yourself - Unkle Adams