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In We Blood - Tamantha-Chole




Best known as a Grenada native, Tamantha-Chole has been building her career as a talented singer-songwriter.


Sensuous, sultry, soothing and serene are a few words that have been used to describe her remarkable voice since gracing the local stage in 2012. 

Influenced by life, Tamantha-Chole aspires to perform music that speaks to fans across the musical spectrum.


Having opened for internationally-renowned artists such as Shontelle and Buju Banton, and regional risers like V'GHN, Farmer Nappy, Nailah Blackman and Ghost, Tamantha-Chole is on the rise, and nothing can stop her from achieving the success she works so hard to obtain.

Dreamer - Tamantha-Chole
D Illusion - Tamantha-Chole
Kings & Queen - Tamantha-Chole