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Stefano Torchio

Stefano Torchio started his musical training in Turin where, as a 10 year old, he started learning to play the piano. After three years, his passion shifted to the guitar which he taught himself to play, to then gain some experience in teen-age bands in the Turin area.


During the first years of high-school he decided to explore the guitar world more in depth, especially rock, blues and jazz by taking lessons with Guido Bartalesi and attending seminars taught by Luca Pasqua. All this in the aim to substantially improve his technique.


This experience then spawned a diploma from the Accademia di Musica Moderna (AMM) in Milan, to reward him for his excellence in the second year. He also successfully obtained a license in theory and musical reading at the A. Vivaldi di Alessandria conservatory.

As a result he was enabled to attend the Bmus Degree at the prestigious Institute of Contemporary Music in London, where he currently resides.


Whilst in Italy, he was part of the Orchestra Ensemble Giovanile Vianney, with which he recorded a EP for the 150th anniversary of the Italian Unity, as both electric and acoustic guitarist . His stay with the orchestra allowed him to gain interest in the art of composition and arrangement, which led him to create pieces which were then included in the orchestra's repertoire. Still with the Vianney orchestra, and in collaboration with the band “Effetto Notte”, he was then brought to compose, arrange and perform for a musical.


As a versatile musician who enjoys and understands various musical expressions, he still prefers to express himself in the range of blues, rock and jazz.


As of late, he finished the composition of the music for the short-film “The Other Way”, produced by Antonio Morra. He finished to compose the soundtracks for a documentary in Australia called “Are Drones worth it” and various pieces for the Italian musical La Giostra, for which he will also perform as a guitarist. During the last few months he concluded his own EP called “The Storm After The Calm”, produced and distributed by LM European Music, and the music for the spot “Voce del Verbo Moda” for “Il Circolo dei Lettori” based in Turin. Furthermore is working on recording guitar parts and mixing the 8 tracks for the Epic Metal Band “Shards of Infinity”, in the composition of some jingles for some Music library and for the “Jailbreak Recording&Production”.