SPINOUS (aka André de Brito) is an artist with many faces. 


He is a singer possessing a strong but peculiar voice with a wide vocal register. In his low register he can sing "Sinatresque" songs and his voice reminds the timbre of David Bowie or David Sylvian while in the high register his voice resembles Mike Patton or Brandon Boyd.


Apart from being a singer, he is also a composer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist. He had piano lessons as a child and studied classical guitar for several years. He self taught himself to play bass guitar, drums, percussion and a bit of saxophone.  


His music blends pop, soul, disco, rock and even electronic music all together. He has released two albums independently titled "Searching For You" and "Empathy" that got him rave reviews in the indie scene.


He is currently working on his third CD "The Party Has Started" to be released in 2014.


He has also released other side projects using different pseudonyms such as NEPTILOS (chill out music), ARCOSINE (house/trance), ANGRY TALENT (industrial alternative music) and his own real name for more classical and film music compositions.


He currently resides in London, UK.


All I Need Is Time - SPINOUS
My Love to You - SPINOUS
Make A Party - SPINOUS
Searching for You - SPINOUS