Sir Ryan


Born and raised a southern gentleman in the deep south, (Louisiana) Sir Ryan developed an affinity for soul music in the late 70's, early 80's, from Teddy Pendergrass to The Ojays, Donnie Hathaway, to Luther Vandross. Growing up in the golden age of soul music his mother exposed him to some of the greatest albums created. Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, Michael Jackson. The list goes on. But it wasn't until high school in Shreveport, Louisiana when Sir Ryan developed an addiction for songwriting and beat making.


With a little help, Sir Ryan hustled and created his own production studio and began a 10 to 12 year production process where he did nothing except create beats. Beats and beats, no lyrics. This was an important time for him because his theory on beat making was enhanced and thus created several niches in sound.


In the spring of 02' Sir Ryan decided to relocate to Atlanta, Georgia. With bigger sites in mind and realizing that here are several Grammy award-winning artists that live in this city, Sir Ryan as most underdogs, felt like he “had a shot”.  Again Sir Ryan worked feverishly on beat after beat day in day out not recording a single song. Over a 10-year span he crafted thousands of instrumentals.


Sir Ryan has completely evolved once again into the lyric writing, thought provoking, off kilter, artist/producer we have today. His metamorphosis has been uncanny and in true Gemini fashion he has shown to have at least 2 sides if not more.  Then he constructed the "music, life" LP. Crazy beat, mad crazy bass line, mad crazy lead. Which should tell you there's much more up his sleeve. The "What's better than love" record is again thought provoking and just down right creative. Nobody is doing hip-hop like this, period. The transformation from producer to writer to artist for Sir Ryan has been intriguing. This man has the pedigree and wisdom to create great music. His theory and foundation for what makes music go is evident. His mind is music, his DNA is writing, and his heart is pure.

Music Life - Sir Ryan
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Trust - Sir Ryan
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Undivided Attention - Sir Ryan
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What's Better Than Love - Sir Ryan
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