Shanaya Fastje



Shanaya Fastje (15) is a promising young extraordinaire of our time. A four time published multiple award winning teen author, high in demand national motivational speaker, as well as a gifted singer-songwriter and actress.


She is currently working on projects such as: screenwriting two feature films, finishing her fifth book (Sci-Fi/fantasy) and has released multiple self composed songs. In a unique niche of authorship and with her positive influence around the nation, Shanaya signed her first traditional publishing contract for her life impacting book “Bully in the Mirror”.


Shanaya received first place, Best Book Written by A Youth from the prestige 16th Annual International Latino Book Awards in Las Vegas, June 28th, 2014; the largest awards in the USA celebrating achievements in Latino literature.

She continues to speak around the U.S., teaching how to never give your power away and how to develop strong self esteem to deal with all aspects of having a positive influential life and also to combat the terrible effects of bullying. Because of her powerful mindset, “Bully in the Mirror” has been proven to help save and change lives, especially teen’s.


In May 2012, at only 13 -years of age, Shanaya graduated high school with honors in Texas. Adding to her list of extraordinary achievements and Shanaya’s enlightening cause, has been received with great praise and awarded from many prominent figures, including U.S. President Barack Obama, Governor Rick Perry, Mayor John Cook Proclaimed Shanaya Fastje day in El Paso Texas, The Austin Cook Award in the city of Burbank, CA, U.S. flag was flown in Afghanistan in honor of Shanaya Fastje ” Bully In The Mirror,  and many more…


Shanaya is inspired by mythology, the paranormal; the power of the mind, E.S.P, and the Supernatural.  She has a creative mind along with other remarkable traits. The music she creates is heavily inspired by symbolism, therefore, each song she writes can be interpreted in many different ways but there will always be one underlining meaning she had in mind.


Shanaya leans towards writing music with eccentricity so when she is asked what genre her music is in, her response is usually something along the lines of “It’s Alternative with a little bit of Folk mixed with Rock and occasionally a hint of Blues”. Maybe one day she will settle on a single genre, but she has never been one to restrain herself to a “single” of anything in general.


Few Years - Shanaya Fastje
Fight For Who Stays - Shanaya Fastje
Dreaming Lucidly - Shanaya Fastje