The first appearance of group leaders Maksym Redko and Mikhaylo Yarmak was in 2004 in the Kiev selection on Eurovision with the song “ Angels ”.


The band has existed since September 2010. They make their own music and songs. The members of the band are professional musicians and sound producers. Their most recent demos were created in their very own music studio “Saints Records”. Presently the band is successfully performing in clubs and concert venues in the Ukraine.


Maksym Redko 25.08.1973

(keys, vocal, arrangement, music, lyrics, sound) 

Favourite musicians include Terje Rypdal, ABBA, Bee Gees and Simply Red.


 In childhood, after looking 8 times at ABBA the movie, Maksym knew he wanted to become a musician. (Before that dreamed only of being a sportsman).  


He was trained by the music high school called Gliera (1993) and the Kiev conservatory called Chaikovsky in the class of fortepiano (2000).   Maksym has been creating music since his early childhood years (some melodies, invented as early as the mid-80’s). After this followed a period of teaching at musical school. (Guitar themes in songs “Wind ” and “ Angels ”).  


In 1995 Maksym became earnestly carried away with jazz. From ‘96 to ‘99 he worked as a pianist in music clubs.   In 1999 the casual meeting was instrumental in the formation of the group “ Blind Max ”, where he met with Michael aka Mikhaylo,   Author of  “Cycle... Magic sounds” on TV.


Mikhaylo Yarmak 16.04.1983 (bass, vocal, arrangement, music, sound)  


As a child he sang in choir and engaged in dances. During his teens he became passionate about music (Metallica, Nirvana, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, ABBA, Queen ). Throughout his youth he played guitar with serval groups; the last of which was a group called Blind Max. This was where he first met Maksym aka Max. His passion for music lived on leading him to work as sound producer, parallel to his work  in “Saints”.

Help - Saints
Winter - Saints
Thinking of You - Saints
Pearl - Saints
Just Run Away - Saints