Robert Bermudez



ROBERT BERMUDEZ has been a songwriter, live performer, record label owner and music teacher in his many year love affair with music.


Robert has been playing the guitar for thirty years and also plays bass and keys. As a writer he has written or co-written and copyrighted over one-

hundred songs, having gotten a publishing deal, local and national airplay.


As a performer he has played in cover bands, original bands, acoustic duos and solo, stages all over Long Island and New York City, including the famous

Bitter End in Greenwich Village. He has also done some booking of local acts.

He owned and operated a small independent record label (Radioactive Monkey) on which his band “Falling From Eden” released and LP and EP.


One of Robert's great loves and proudest endeavors is as a teacher. For the past decade plus he has taught guitar - and the occasional bass student- and enjoyed it immensely. Sharing his love of music, creativity and watching his students become accomplished players/lovers of music has been very rewarding, sending a few students on to music school even more so. One of his strengths is his open-mindedness, as he appreciates and listens to all different genres and eras of music, from rock to jazz, blues to hip hop, folk to classical. He believes there is no reason to limit oneself in both love of an art and one's expression of art; an attitude that has served him well as teacher and creator.


Robert’s recent musical pieces reflect the attitude and desire to be open. A short, reflective guitar instrumental (Drifting By), a string-laden ode to a special young woman (Jana) and a floaty, spacey piece with a multi-layered middle break (A Touch of Floyd) reminiscent of a certain spacy, floaty rock band, which is a favorite of his. Within these pieces you will hear acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, piano, harpsichord, string sections and both electric and acoustic bass. As he believes why limit oneself?


Jana - Robert Bermudez
A Touch of Floyd - Robert Bermudez
Drifting By - Robert Bermudez