Oxaï Roura


OXAÏ ROURA is a composer of unusual musical forms, a multi-instrumentalist, a singer, and a researcher in the field of ethnomusicology...

Born in a multicultural family of musicians, Oxaï Roura began to learn the art of drumming at the young age of three.


Fascinated by the ancient sacred African polyrythms and chants, he received serious teachings from some of the greatest masters of the drums:

Famoudou Konaté, Mamady Keïta, Maré Sanogo, Soungalo Coulibaly, Adama  Dramé, Sega Sidibé, Cece Koly taught him Mandingo rythms and chants; Orlando Poléo & Martha Gallaraga taught him Yoruba chants and rythms (congas & bata drums)...


Immersed in learning the traditional ways while at the same time openly interested in varied music styles and genres ( like Metal, Reggae, Jazz, Jazz Fusion,  Salsa, Bossa-Nova, Traditional African music, Electro…) Oxaï Roura created and supported many esteemed groups in the 90’s & the 2000’s (recordings & tours). 


Moreover, an important aspect of Oxaï Roura’s work concerns the field of ethnomusicology. In fact, Oxaï travels  the world (South Africa, Brazil, Australia & the South Pacific…) in order  to improve, on one hand,  his musical skills with great local artists, and on the other hand, his knowledge of sonic wisdom.


Oxaï utilizes his music as a spiritual tool which assists in the discovery of hidden things within the inner self. His creations are meant to entertain and bless as well promote the spiritual dimensions of human experience.


Manou (Anu's Presence) - Oxaï Roura
Tiki (Klelespwi Remix) - Oxaï Roura
Kata Kaumba - Oxaï Roura
Granpeyi Soso - Oxaï Roura
Oxala - Oxaï Roura