Ocarinanono is currently living in the prominent Shrines and Temples of Nikko near Nasushiobara in Japan. This is an area blessed with nature and the gifts of the arts and music from artists living in communion.  


Ocarinanono’s music is like a short story of the sound.

With closed eyes, the images the sound creates floats before you creating a feeling of nostalgia with a touch of hope for tomorrow.


After the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011, Ocarinanono, like many of her fellow artists looked within into a place of despair and darkness to produce what are now strongly recognized works that live in the hearts of the people who have been encouraged to find the hope that they once lost, in music.


This multi-instrumentalist composer is capable of composing a variety a styles and textures. From delicate to epic, Ocarinanono composes powerful main melodies and memorable background themes that may lend themselves to solo instruments or simply adding colour to a movie.


The Wind of Ancient Capital - Ocarinanono
The Pierrot - Ocarinanono
Ave Maria - Ocarinanono
The Heroes - Ocarinanono