Tim Penney's (aka MassiveMic) love affair with music began at the tender age of 5 when his parents enrolled him in classical guitar lessons.  
He was an instant sensation.  He moved quickly to advanced instruction and played his first show shortly after.  Not long
after that he wrote and performed his first original song live in front of hundreds at the age of 7.  

As a teenager tim was a part in several bands writing and recording music.  His first real EP was recorded and released
20 years ago.

After a brief stint in university Tim realized that music was going to have to be a part of whatever he choose to do for a
living.  He enrolled at the Harris Institute for the Arts in the audio engineering/producing course.  After graduating at
the top of his class he began a long and successful career in live sound as well as making studio records.  Tim wracked
up credits fast and furiously working with many up and coming artists as well as more established acts.  To date he's worked
with the likes of Dallas Green, Steve Aoki, Monster Truck and many, many more.  Tim has literally mixed hundreds of artists
and done thousands of shows.

It was roughly 2 years ago he decided to again really focus on writing and recording his own material.  The moniker MassiveMic
was chosen and he's been studio bound ever since.  The music although largely produced electronically has a very organic feel
to it thanks to the performances and utilization of many different instruments. 


The buzz is growing thanks to a handful of blog
and mobile app features.  If you like music that ignores convention and isn't afraid to have some fun, you'll probably enjoy
the musical mind that is MassiveMic.

Tim Penney is an audio engineer that has spent a lifetime listening and playing music and the last 15 years working with sound.


Tecumseh - MassiveMic
Rhinoceros and the Megaphone - MassiveMic
Porous - MassiveMic
Couch Taco - MassiveMic
Alchemetrics - MassiveMic