Keith Hines


Keith Hines was born in Montego, Jamaica; the last child of Lucinda and harry Hines. He attended Chetwood Primary and Montego Bay Secondary (Now know as St. James High).


He has always had a deep appreciation for poetry but only began writing during that mid Nineties. With an equal love of music, he came to the natural conclusion that he is capable of adding a bridge and a chorus. Thus the first song “Pick Yourself Up” was created.


This led to a series of co-creations and corroborations with Keith and other local, talented artists with one primary passion in common.


In his most recent material, Keith pays homage to Joseph Williams, who guided his abilities in terms of producing his songs. The next project; a love song called “Caroline”, will be a collaboration with Eric Albertini.

Rise (Reggae) - Keith Hines
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Nocturnal Girl - Keith Hines
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Good Bye My Love (Reggae) - Keith Hines
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Full Moon (Reggae) - Keith Hines
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Fools Paradise (reggae) - Keith Hines
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