Joe Andolino



A native of New Jersey, Joe grew up with a variety of musical styles and influences from progressive rock, R&B and fusion. He combined those influences at the University of Southern California into the world of Film Scoring. Studying with some of the biggest names in composition and performance gave Joe a very schooled approach.


He can now pull from many sources when producing music. He is a drummer, keyboard player, songwriter, arranger and conductor. He fears being typecast into any one particular style when writing, but a listener can always hear his audio fingerprints on anything he does. ‘I prefer to be a chameleon, that way I can be a part of the different styles of music I enjoy’.


Coming from a heavy instrumental background, Joe tends to write ‘from the bottom up’ with the melody lines being derived from the harmonic structure of the tune. Music critics have described his sound as ‘progressive pop’, ranging from groove-oriented tunes to more dramatic ballads.


Professionally, his writing credits include some notable independent films. He has been featured in ‘Who’s Who in Composing’ four times in The Hollywood Reporter.


Recently he has ventured into music directing shows and producing other artists, ‘my strongest efforts to date’, and the results have been described as ‘nothing less than electrifying’ by several critics. Jay Chattaway, celebrated television composer, has described Joe’s music as ‘commercial yet musically ambitious, the best of both’.


What more could a die-hard musician at heart want to hear? Music that pleases the musicians and the masses.


Words I Can't Say - Joe Andolino
Standing in the Shadows - Joe Andolino
Chariot Path - Joe Andolino
Boundaries - Joe Andolino
Surrender - Joe Andolino