Ian Pain

Ian Charles Pain (aka Mylesthebaker)first started playing in bands in the late 70's.

Since then he has played in a variety of bands and duos as well as writing and recording both for those groups and for various media productions, TV shows and Websites.

His first bands were punk and new wave but into the 80's he became more interested in folk and country music forming the duo Moby Dick with reknowned fiddle/banjo/mandolin/guitarist Robin Gillan, playing the London pub and folk circuit.

After a short spell with The Trees a band including wild  movie stuntman Phil Lonergan on vocals and a period writing and recording Techno music, he moved to Japan where he founded popular Nagano punk band The Dugunder Brothers who still perform an occasional reunion gig now and then.
He then founded another popular Nagano band Steampunk Unicorn and on leaving them earlier this year he has formed along with various local musicians Retro Hardrive for whom he is frontman, songwriter and lead guitarist.
He has worked with reknowned dream author Tony Crisp on 2 CDs The Seed and The Africa Sky Stories.

His media music compositions have been used by a variety of clients ranging from IBM to a monkey spa and childrens TV

He loves to play live and write to order and his strength is the fact that he can play drums, guitar,bass and can get by on keyboards. He has a love of all types of music and is a big fan of BBC radio show Late Junction

Process - Ian Pain
Funky Wild - Ian Pain
Joy Rock Roller - Ian Pain
Big Farm Chair - Ian Pain
Big Arm Chair - Ian Pain