Don Schlotman


Don Paris Schlotman is a New York multi-instrument musician whose solo recordings span a variety of genres and styles.  Besides being the bass player, co-writer and co-founder of sci-fi rock band The Sky Captains Of Industry, he also has played bass and guitar for a variety of musicians including Niall Connolly, E.W. Harris, Casey Black, Adnan Sabir, Jo Kroger, and others.


Growing up in a musical household created a drive to play, but he also loves how music can be a bridge transcending language and culture. Music makes the world smaller and brings people together.


While in college in Columbus, OH he was a founding member of silly-punk band Mistletoe Beltbuckle which later became Jasper Evergreen. In addition to solo work, he played bass in The Outhouse Poets, Big Ass Yard Sale, and Heidi Lux, Glare and several other rock bands. He was the founder of The Unpossibles, a lineup-shifting energetic rock band, and in Cincinnati he sang and played guitar in Cat Like Dog before moving back to New York.


Besides his family, he cites a wide range of influences including Nick Cave, David Byrne, Tom Waits, Elvis Costello, David Bowie, the Ramones, the Pixies, Joe Jackson, Devo, the Clash, and many others.


A Grain of Salt - Don Schlotman
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Solyaris - Don Schlotman
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Hardest of Hearts - Don Schlotman
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Carpe Diem - Don Schlotman
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Vaporize the Sun - Don Schlotman
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