Curtis Maranda

Curtis Maranda, born June 13 1978 in Toronto Ontario, began music lessons

at age 6.  He has been playing since then and has explored many instruments and styles.  In 2003 he graduated from York University’s Music

and Education programs with his future wife and musical partner Renee



While living in Japan from 2003-2006, Curtis was actively Dj-ing and began releasing his music and collaborating musically with Renee. Since then he

has released 43 tracks under his own name, and two full length albums with

his and Renee’s band Tiger Suit.


Upon returning to Canada, Curtis began performing more regularly with Tiger

Suit.  He and Renee formed Global Beat Productions and perform their educational world music show in schools across Ontario.  


Tiger Suit has performed in a wide array of venues and festivals from Montreal to Vancouver.  They have been featured on national, and university radio programs and remain active performing and composing.


The music Curtis makes uses electronics, pianos, guitars, synths,

throat/overtone singing, and world instruments.  Since March of 2014 he

has been composing specifically for licensing.  This has allowed Curtis to

explore a wide range of styles, from ambient to symphonic rock, and has given him new challenges and musical textures to work with.

Samba Squad (electro house mix) - Curtis Maranda
Jazzy Hip-Hop - Curtis Maranda
Islands - Curtis Maranda
Cascade - Curtis Maranda
Terros in the Dark - Curtis Maranda
Serenity Pulse - Curtise Maranda