Don't BelongCoco


Coco is an eclectic singer/songwriter inspired by versatile cultural backgrounds. Born in Venezuela from Lebanese descent Coco embraces the Eastern and Western flavors in her music.


With an upbringing that took her from Venezuela, to Kuwait and the Middle East, Coco’s powerful voice carries with it the sound and style of global fusion. Whatever she feels and goes through, she writes. Coco creates her music from experimenting with different genres of music with great flexibility.


Coco persued her passion for music at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, where she achieved a degree in Music Therapy and vocal performance. After a period of traveling, performing, and working in the United States and Middle East, Coco currently resides and works in Kuwait with children with special needs as a continuation of her calling to support and enhance their development through student preferred music.


Since her return to the Middle East, Coco has been regularly performing between Kuwait and Beirut, and she is currently signed under Outlaw Productions from Bahrain.


Staying true to her soulful voice and eclectic sound, Coco is also collaborating with a variety of artists specialized in different genres to communicate her global sound. From Latin, house and lounge musical styles, to jazz and Rhythm and Blues, Coco’s moving vocals accommodate different genres effortlessly, giving her the flexibility to communicate a musical message that is beautifully rare and unmatched.