CatsMelvin is ultimately lyricist Michael Amend. The songs are musical collaborations of original music in many rock styles with the lyrics and vocals of Michael Amend.


CatsMelvin has toured around the country for the past 5 years with many different musicians, with the one constant being, Michael Amend on the vocals. This impressive list of shows has resulted in one outstanding one sheet.


In the past year, Michael has played at SXSW as well as two shows at Red Gorilla Music Festival. He intends to play as many showcases as possible at SXSW 2015, it's March 13th through 17th. Day and Night shows, over 10 in 5 day period


Michael will continue to release songs as the year goes on as he has just recorded a 6 song EP with producer Steve Albini.


Dedicated to creation; he has recorded in the vicinity of 50 original songs this year to be added to his catalogue with his team of talented musicians.


Additionally, Michael Amend also has an EP "Houston" on the radio in several foreign countries, and in distribution on a UK label.

Shine On - CatsMelvin
Wrong Side - CatsMelvin
Color Me In - CatsMelvin
Come January - CatsMelvin