Brendan Canavan


Brendan’s professional composition experience includes music for film and television, with a number of works used in television documentaries, short films and radio airplay in Australia. He has composed for classical and contemporary orchestras as well as small and large contemporary ensembles in a variety of genres.


Brendan has taught music for over 10 years beginning his career lecturing. Further and Higher Education subjects in performance and technology at a college on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia. He then moved into mainstream secondary education in Australia before settling in the UK to continue and develop his music and music education careers. He is currently Head of Music at a secondary academy in Somerset. 


In each of the four permanent colleges Brendan has taught he also created professional recording studios. In two of these schools he has also created and managed streamed radio stations which provided the research basis for his Master’s degree in Education. Brendan has taught and composed with Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Sibelius, Finale, Ableton, and various other production software packages having recently trained in studio techniques with Grammy award winning producer Ken Nelson. Throughout Brendan’s time as music teacher he has continued to compose, record and perform.


Brendan has extensive performance experience having performed in many different bands professionally. He is currently performing and recording original compositions with his band Trailer Park as guitarist and lead vocalist.


Best X Friend - Brendan Canavan
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I Aint Going Down That Road - Brendan Canavan
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Larger Than Leon - Brendan Canavan
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Maya - Brendan Canavan
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